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As many of us gather with loved ones this week to celebrate and offer thanks, I'm especially grateful for your friendship, which continues to provide more than 300 chimpanzees with a wonderful, peaceful life at sanctuary, full of friends and the freedom to choose how to spend their time. 

I thought you might enjoy a little behind-the-scenes peek at what a typical Thanksgiving at Chimp Haven looks like. You'll see that's it's not so different than our human celebrations -- for the chimps, this day is all about food, family, and a good nap! 

From all of us at Chimp Haven, including the more than 300 chimps who call it home, Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you so much for your support.

Rana Smith, President & CEO

P.S. Looking for the perfect post-feast show to watch with the family? Stream Meet the Chimps on Disney+ and visit the sanctuary from the comfort of your home this Thanksgiving!


A Feast Fit for a Chimp

We sometimes remark that the chimps eat a fresher, healthier diet than we do, and Thanksgiving is no exception. In addition to a feast of freshly-prepared produce like leafy greens, sweet potatoes, cabbage, carrots, and more, today they're in for a treat. Our Enrichment team always prepares a special Thanksgiving-themed goodie, and the chimps go absolutely wild for it! From fresh fall pumpkins, to tube treats filled with stuffing or cranberry forage, they eagerly gather around to dig in amongst a chorus of pant-hoots.

Time for Family

As the day progresses, the early afternoon becomes a bit more quiet than normal throughout the sanctuary. Caregivers on site use this time to work one-on-one with chimps on Positive Reinforcement Training sessions or to complete special projects. For most of the chimps, this quieter afternoon means an opportunity to focus on the chimps in their social groups, their families, and spend time together lounging and enjoying long grooming sessions.

Playtime for the Youngsters

While the adults are enjoying some rest and relaxation, the youngsters never miss a chance to play. This afternoon you'll find Carlee and Valentina Rose venturing off into their habitat on their daily "cousin" adventures. Although he's getting older and starting to show signs of maturing, Riley will probably stir up a little trouble with Onyx and Quilla, for old time's sake. 

Naptime for All

By mid-afternoon the chimps are ready for naptime, and all over the sanctuary, you'll find groups of chimp buddies stretched out in a pile wherever there's a nice sunny spot to lay. With cooler temperatures settling in, many chimps bring their favorite blankets outside and wrap themselves up into "chimp burritos" for their afternoon snooze. It's the perfect post-feast end to a peaceful day -- one they are provided thanks to your generous support.

From all of us at Chimp Haven, thank you so much for making this life possible for them today and every day. 


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